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  • The Challenge
    • Everyday, merchant’s deal with the ongoing threat of thieves breaching their servers or having to discover their customer’s personal data has been compromised.
    • According to the U.S. Bureau of a Statistics, in just one year 7,818 businesses reported data breaches.


    Advantage 1:
    Never Touch Sensitive Information

    • NMI’s Three Step Redirect API™ methodology ensures secure data transmission by keeping merchants from seeing, touching, handling, transmitting and even storing
      any sensitive payment information.


    Advantage 2:
    Minimize Cost & Complexity

    • By taking merchants outside the scope of handling sensitive payment information, the Three Step Redirect API™ minimizes the cost and complexity of industry regulations and standards; especially the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI–DSS).


    Advantage 3:
    Maintain Same Look & Feel

    • The customer never knows they left the merchant’s Website. The same seamless look and feel is always kept through the process.